based on real events

"We are in the pit of the crook of the grave guys in the bud of the last chance in Ukraine; we are trying to get out of there where the corpse of Syria is already lying. A huge corpse of Africa
is rotting nearby, where the authorities only in violence and infection from AIDS.”
"The plague of our houses was a war in the world of religions. New troops are preparing stronger than
the Egil. If we do not make money all the time, we will not build a new efficient system. We are all
killed in a deep rotting common grave by ourselves in Hell, laying our way already in the world that
may not exist.”
Maybe, therefore, the Russians do not understand us Ukrainians and our hymn they do not have enough
understanding to determine how Ukraine has not yet died, fame or freedom.
We all must gather and overcome ourselves and all the evil in the land-our house and perk up in the spirit and become those who must be built an effective system of life. As one single mechanism, and these creatures will answer for cola in the war, for Amsterdam, for that that Crimea Ukrainian prosrali.
Putin is crap, so all football stadiums of the country are shouting at the screamers, they are singing
a song. You would see, when the second side of the medal that football and garbage competitions and
the world, not depending on what should prevail over us is the only system that carries although at
least some hope for the future, there can be so many fans in the world for this.
Such a system of a productive future was in the USSR. This is what my grandfather after the war tried
to build a healthy and honest life. For example, he worked after the war in the factory and built roads.
We all must now build a new world and work hard every day. Such work is valid only when there
is no phantom of communism of rotten flesh, like power in Russia, Africa, Egil. If you are not, Mr.
Putin then proves that anyone in Russia could be in your revenge. You are no more deceitful if you
can marry their faces. The more you and no one else can achieve, the one thing is to change everything
and build the system altogether. You will be turned 360 degrees from your course, or there is no
the sense in your existence, but you could go really with those who are now also at power in the
world be reduced to sufficient round-the-clock work for the benefit of every person on this earth.
Where we are all together, the first will determine the path and build eternal system communism. The present without a wrist, in the whole world, to which all countries of the world will agree since
the idea of equality and prosperity for all is a ghost of the path by which the material world. Although
communism would have been faster, if not rozvaltsya, and why, because it's funny. There was not
enough compliance. So all, do not go by patience and suffering for the sake of victory. We do not
shy go by the strength of the material world and the effectiveness of management. This is the business
that will graft us to what the communism in the USSR was pushed to.
No more need to run and fight like a boy, what would have been considered in the world where you are
seen for such a thing. For not foresight or are already going to war, and we will not cast you out of the
wild as the generation of Russi and Herod, and kill, giving life to 150 million. Who, back in the old world,
deserved to live appropriately and safely.
People all over the world, the earth is very little, if everything goes on like this. There is no choice
; all the authorities that cannot be depleted need to be dethroned to join the effective general system
; this applies to everyone. We all know that even Germans can explode with anger like a people, is the
only question for what? For the sake of dining all of us, Russia, Ukraine, the US, Germany, all, and
then you only in words, and Ukraine was the first to give up its nuclear weapons. You were our
guarantors, only the Budapest format is permissible !!! as well as the return of the Crimea? Yes, but
forget you about the borders, there are no more borders on the earth, we are all one. Now everyone
decides for themselves, dine themselves and do everything yourself those who understand otherwise
cannot be, only for the sake of world peace and procreation on earth. I do not know that we should
become one, a modern plant, like Ilona Mask, only one person and faith in him will not help, we need
an effective system that does not change the replacement of pyrimene sums.
If we do not change the criteria for assessing human performance, if, thanks to the requirements that
liberal philosophy offers for us.
The end is in hell because if in the human mind, the distances between truth and lies are reduced.
If, as the idea of postmodernism suggests, there is no truth, and there is a pluralism of opinions, then
the most terrible thing happens: the border between good and evil is erased. After all, in the context of the pluralism of the views that allow the consideration of truth and lies on one level, allowing for the idea of moral relativism, everything is possible. Then the question of political technology, mass media, creation of a standard under the general educational process. If the task is set, these false and dangerous messages. Today, we consider drugs, alcohol, and so on evil, but the main question is: what will the next generations view as evil. Whether they will not forget all the Ten Commandments, and what can they come to?
Because the commandment “not to kill” under different pretexts is already violated many countries?
We, the people, will be able to reach a compromise, determination in the choice of life and rights, and
jointly provide a future that we can be proud of.
And no matter how long and responsible the way for us is, I understand and accept with my mind that
in all these disputes: in the upbringing of the child, in the economy, in politics, in world politics and
in seeing the goal for which we live. Even in the dispute over disputes, as well as in the decision
within oneself. Who to be or not to be in this life, and whether to live or not to live, the main thing is
to realize that we are all here on the planet Earth. We, the kind that lives life, which dissolves in blood
and love, in alcohol and kindness, in drugs and death, in crime and joy, in sex and lies.
I do not tell you, "Believe in God," but if you do not believe, then see for yourself how you live. If you
do not understand simple logic, then what can you talk about with the people who stand before me?
I want to remind you that we are all people, we are all people. Each of us is a person and an individual,
and if all of us, or most of us, want to live like people, just a kind of where we can not do without.
We should be able to talk, discuss, make collective decisions that will carry the right choice, even in the
most basic framework for world society. But at the same time, all find a compromise that would stop all that must be protected in a peaceful existence that will not affect a healthy, young generation,
which itself will determine for itself. How to live with them, looking at the example of their ancestors,
not just to be born and live a little, to beat the dead. How it can happen in the modern world, and each
of those who did not touch it, of course. When he sees or hears about such, thanks to the fate that he cannot live in fear, but this fear of the thought will pass away in a second, and the person will say: “Well, it means that it’s not lucky that I can do it?” And I’ll say: if you’re not someone, then you can do nothing.
And if the world community decides on bans, which are genuinely for good and justified, then it must be
banned or stopped. I do what I could, and every day I do it every day, trying to embody the truth, in
reality, my dreams, and ideas. I want to live; I want to love with my whole heart again and enjoy it,
despite all the lessons and tests that bring us destiny, life, God. That we take only the best and draw
conclusions, designed for each of us personally.
In each of the seconds that await us, but imagine only. Every second that has just passed and now
exists. About one hundred people die like us, so I want to create and be the creator of myself. The one
that should be, who will cherish each second and be worthy of every moment of existence. Even
if my heart is stopped now, then consider that my star has caught fire in a new life in which there is
already. What you are doing this second and what it is for you, what are you bringing to this world?
Our life is like a star in the night sky: one is shining so, and the other is different. Their radiance the time is instant and at the same time an eternity. It’s impossible to take them: thoughtless, empty, maybe
bright, blind - flying into darkness, godlessly, interrupted only by themselves. Looking at it, you’ll shout
in a whisper, guessing at the desires possible. No, I do not want to be like that! In a word, the time had an eternity, but eternity does not have time.
The eternal dawn will be closed by a white wing, as if there were none and, notice, with a new sunset
,will not.
And for everyone whose star is lit, the sky will open a new night, giving them time eternity, so decide
what you want to be: a bright moment, flying in darkness, or a star glowing forever, or maybe the master of the universe. Those who bridled it all, alive, those who survived and those who have found the whole the essence of truth and purity, thereby deserving of prevailing over everything. Being one with everything, because we are now in the step to this and at the same time in the second from death and in such astate of affairs by the standards of the existence of the universe we have seconds, only 50-100 Earth years.
For this, all that was meant fought all our generations of those who are now calling themselves a
Ukrainian and continue to fight. Now in the war our knights-the Cossacks, we should be such
Cossacks in everything. In every issue, in every thought in the struggle for oneself and just this, the
immensely struggle on the side of ethical, justice, and honor, I will not be otherwise. We must all become real children who are worthy of their father creator.
The wind blows it's twisting in the field, in the area of the Chumata, among the stars, which the
Cossacks watch on the road.

It was a cold winter evening. Kuzma's interview did not go out of the head. Leaving from Pechersk
to Shulyavka all thought what to do next. Money, left on deposit in one of the banks is likely not now
return before the deadline. Before the time limit as the bank must give it no longer will. Relocated
to another tiny machine-gun, a bit of a ride and decided to go out to walk to the house park. Despite
the snow and yellow lanterns, the park seemed dark. A strong man came to meet from afar.
My thoughts were a bruising issue of what to do. I so wanted to return to Ukraine, to live here to go
to work, chi my business to run. One has already launched, I contradicted myself. Sending
students to study in Canada, and imitation is further. And in this situation in the country, even this
business, it does not go.
The man was approaching me and, on his ascent, it was clear that he was going very purposefully.
Although I was also going to freedom quickly and confidence, I was not to occupy myself.
What if I go abroad again. Again, to Canada? No, I do not want to go there anymore. Europe? No,
just like traveling there, maybe in the US, Los Angeles? When I was there, I did not like it, and I did
not want to go back there ever again. I did not even throw a penny into the ocean. Again, leave his
native country with his own home. I have my way, my war, my soul, my heart
and mind, Ukraine, and the whole world. From this moment I must live and be what I want to be and
must be. I do not want to leave, but only there, I must try to reach the results and say about what is so
important to me in the hope that they will hear me.
The man who was going to the meeting was already very close. The path is a little. It seems he is
muttering something. We only bumped our shoulders a little.
“Are you alright?” I asked after looking back

"I am sorry," he answered.
The man spoke. His face could not be seen because of the darkness. He apologized to freedom
politely, even with some irony in his voice, looking like a well-dressed man. I was almost making a step
further. I was in such a strange state as if time stood still around me this whole evening.
“I also. Already I tried to go further, and...”
“I’m sorry very much, again, but will not you have money?”
In my pocket there was a note in 20 UAH, all that I left for life after my arrival from Canada was over.
Of course, there was also a card where parents of the same number used to pay money. This day
would be only tomorrow. And why to go to the US, I asked myself in my head.
He turned and walked over to the peasant.
"Here please take two hryvnia, all that is, I hope they will help you than Li Bo. If I could, I would give
more, I’m sorry.”
“Thank you ... Sorry to have asked you.”
"Never mind. Good luck to you; everything will be fine. You'll see."
The man turned and walked on, and I went on too. Such a sadness took me by the heart that a man who
is already clearly in his forties goes and so must ask another person what kind of world is this where
we are chewing. What kind of country is this? How can this be lived? Do not have to go again.
The night was colder and wintry.
I kept thinking, I was thinking about what to do. All my life the Pope gave me money for everything,
again to ask for it? We need to grow up. Well, when there are best friends whom you already know
almost half. Even virtually all your life. Lend them, well, when there are real doves, you know for
sure that in trouble and joy and you're at them and they can rely on you. Tomorrow I'll go to Kostya,
and then to Max. Kostya is one of my best friends from youth. Just this summer, he married Yanochka.
It was already starting to grow light. I went up to the third floor, went into the quartet, turned on the
TV turned on the kettle.
Kuzma Scriabin.
I’m stuck in you like a knife
Somewhere between the heart and between two open doors.
According to the official version of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on February 2, 2015, about 8:20
(according to the concert technique of the Skryabin group of Y. Lysyak. It happened around 7:00
according to the investigation, reported by UkrMedia, the call at the substation of emergency medical
services was fixed at 6:54 died in a car accident near the village of Lozovatka, Krivoy Rog district of the
Dnipropetrovsk region. On the same day, the press service of the Department of the State Automobile
Inspectorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine reported that, according to preliminary
data, 86 km of the Krivoy Rog-Kirovograd (48 ° 03’44 “ ° 13’25 “east. D.). There was a collision of an
SUV Toyota Sequoia, which was driven by a singer and a GAZ-53 milk truck. From the injuries
Andrei Kuzmenko died on the spot. Kuzmenko was returning from Krivoy Rog, where on the eve
of his group gave a concert. The eyewitness reported that he saw how at high speed in the place of
rounding the road jeep musician drove to the oncoming lane and crashed into the side of the tank. An
eyewitness suggested that the black Honda was chasing a white jeep. It is assumed that the singer’s car
was traveling at a speed of 160 km / h. Although local drivers say that it is dangerous to overclock 60
Km/ h on this stretch of the road. The eyewitness noted that there was ice on the track and cars were
trying to leave. In the fatal accident, two women have also injured: passengers of the Kuzmenko car
and the milk truck, respectively; they were taken to Krivoy Rog hospitals No. 2 and No. 9. The driver
of the milk truck during the whole time of the investigative actions was on the scene of the accident.
There are many versions on the Internet; it was not an accident, but a contract killing. The witness of the crash confirms this version. At the same time, Andrei's parents asked not to speculate
on the death of a son.
Now all this is remembered, somehow differently. The emptiness that has appeared in the soul,
heart, mind has been recognized forever. This is how to lose a native person chi arc. Only you do not
cry, do not take up butila, because you understand, this is a void that will always be with you. Now it
does not pour, then we all are not eternal. This cousin had her way and lived and did everything for
the sake of something more for people, all those songs that are, only the best and to be precise.
Ten days later I said goodbye to my relatives and left for a taxi to the airport. My father watched me
on the trail. I said goodbye to him last when he was examined at the hospital. My heart was in the
language of my native country, from the fact that I’m leaving. At the front, I still have time to go, but
I'll try as I would on the Maidan with the word.
Four years later.
It's been four years; it is 2017. Can anyone understand how this is? Chitiri long years of war, each time people kneel, not only on the square but throughout Ukraine, wherever it is the village of Chi-Town. People fall, chi full pains drop, and everyone on their knees, seeing off the path of heroes enraged our time. People chant in a low voice, "Geo does not die, Heroes do not perish, but also a song, now it has become the voice of sadness. The way heroes see off; it's not just like Chopin's music that uselessly throws us into a cold fear, that we are all dying. These people with an understanding of the beard in life leave us to heaven ahead of time”.
Carry the coffin between the people.
Duckling floats on Tisyna
The song of death, everything else is not essential. Mothers cry violently. People ask God to
pardon a person, sacrificed themselves, for the sake of others. The benefit that we do not appreciate so
much and cannot get to the full. In such cabins soaked with pain and suffering. If God exists, chi some
power of the universe, why is it so important to us? Why such a bloodthirst? Because if it does not
exist, then we have twice as much work as before. And you are all with your thoughts with your fears,
and in the primary existence, as observers of what is happening. I am on the screens of our life. It can
happen like this. Please, have mercy on you. Look at the men, on their knees, look at the track of that
grave with the hero, it seems to you far away. Neither this happens now, even if you are far beyond
the ocean. Human Indifference now kills no fewer weapons in the war. We all now already must fight
for our minds knowing what’s going on. To be yourself in full and for yourself, to be selfish is not evil,
everyone should be in favorable conditions, straightforward things understanding. Rejection of fear and
evil are imposing in our daily lives. New nanotechnologies can give us real freedom and power for all
on earth. We can all be at the mercy of those who control us now and so far, not so carefully. Sooner or
later, our indifference and the propaganda of the head filled with propaganda from all sides will not
leave us the choice to fall into a new trap, to the old familiar embrace of death.
In our mother Ukraine, and at all times we stood up and fought and with the gentlemen and the King
only afterward with the Communists and fascists, with the Vsesma. That's why enemies all around,
from the very beginning, everyone fought in the war, with a spear and a bare ass, years, and we are all
in the war, and even Jesus did not stop this chi, Muhammad. All who believe, at least a little, really
I need to understand that this is one faith so that I will be both a Christian and a Muslim, not a single person in the world which slogans in our time should not go and in byvati. We all already have a long time to start fighting only with words and only in the right direction.
Because what is happening now, no words or tears of human is not enough. When the authorities are
profitable, it seems that the patriots of our future suddenly did not turn around. Washed away those
who sit in the rear, so maybe we had the Ilovaisky cauldron. When the enemy is set against its
people, and the Slavs, who have all been fought against the truth on the side of those who exploit them.
When people living in the material world do not own their lives. When everyone is killing himself and
his brain, alcohol drugs light and not very, as well as honoring the legal thawed dope and does not see
anything even this. When we are all hostages of painted pieces of paper and medals, the numbers on
the screen, we are all in the mud of the modern world invented to own us. We all have long deserved
the future, so let's save ourselves, all around us and reach the high peaks that we now find even tricky
or even impossible to imagine. What can be done with us, if we follow the right path, after
ten years, and already 100 years, it is difficult even to imagine. All this is a great revolution that can tick us, if we all unite, also if in the existing Cain, as the decentralization of power, let everyone reconciles. Let everyone get peace and everything that could be wished, maybe even hope if he and God will meet
and see him with his living eyes.

All of us are brothers in this world, and all of us will unite in a modern history what
those who would be, to look, read about it, knew that we made something that just in a leg to ours
today. The speech delivered from the movie will be the ideal word: "We were soldiers" It would be desirable to write all till that time, the war in Vietnam didn't begin yet. Further, I made light understanding that almost same horror occurs at me in the homeland now.
How here not to remember that who died that American senator and to what he did is this life as it lives.
John Sidney McCain the third was hit in Vietnam by the Soviet military for what has been awarded
a red star which has also died from cancer. McCain spent five years in captivity, but then a year
later returned and became the most famous American in Vietnam and in every possible way helped
this and to other countries which were at war for a right cause. Where violated human rights, cane
to the Maidan during the revolution.
Now a weather forecast on TV. I'm confident in one; we can save ourselves, can for this planet already
late, but people perhaps. We will not leave anybody when there are Mars and then Moon when
as on giving all will gather in the countries and from there, in turn, are among themselves evacuated.
Everything can be if we don’t save our earth. For this purpose, its necessary to all of us will unite in a
single whole, in the system, almost similar to soccer. There is one person who became an example of such an order. Though the system, on that and network, but isn't one person, especially weapon not to change anything anymore. Today as all were at war when it's honest also for them, only those who, we have to analyze at most each law today and fight for each word as in soccer fight for each ball. The system of total soccer has to be the system of whole life where each participant an integral part of the mechanism under the name of human society. Then the problem of each person will be solved, from And to I. Where everything will be honest.
Where each of us will understand separately that it's correct and to act as the right to vote that so or
so (still Shakespeare spoke about similar). The soccer is the peak of art for men; it is the third symphony
by Beethoven, it is theatre and the super movie with the scenario which is difficult for guessing. Only
knowing everything and having created an ideal system with mutually control such that there in the
ear an interrelation ball. Our planet is even similar to a ball; we kick it to and for one of the stories
as Roman will not end yet. Today different time, we are capable, with new technologies to consider
and hear everyone without any falsification even of children of 5 years that too have the right to vote
and the correct calculation from percent of the proposed solution of this or that country. All of us on a
threshold of defeat and a victory, as in the final. All of us have to become ideals of a sports way of life.
I have left to this world the world of soccer saw what disorder occurs here, can just because of this
game. Already so many countries endured associations without borders, it shows a way, though at the
same time we understand that all have to understand its details. Soccer, of course, no such level, but
the real trainer knows problems and possibilities of everyone and helps to find a way to self-realization
and ideal completing teams. The words of Lobanovsky, the most titled trainer, the most titled club of
the USSR Dynamo Kiev. Even the average team with tactics of total soccer will beat a group of stars.
Only contain everything in the world we force.”
It’s what was the national idea of the USSR contains to one purpose, the better future, but somewhere
on the way, we lost it. Corruption won against the system under the name Communism and Americans
there is nothing here, everyone in the place appeared in a situation from the crime of tops to survive
and save the family. Itself made decisions to become the bride taker or the corrupt official. When
democracy doesn't cope with drugs in life of the society, here indeed a trace of KGB, but in the same
way, everyone on places made decisions. It became clear that Democracy as the system became obsolete.
Now Russia on the way to communism, but they at the same level as Imperial Russia and overthrows
of the tsar Nicolai 2. America to acceptances, still declarations of independence about the remoteness
of the continent where the countries more than the States in the USA kept and removed the system
of a material world. At this stage Democracy became obsolete, but understanding that this system
indeed impaired all of us, of course with the same example as the system of the USSR to the association
in socialism is the future of our world which can save us only worldwide. Where diplomats battle and
if though someone somewhere told lies in the country to the people. Also in the other country who
told lies to other people, its called a mistake in the system only the global platform where speak all the
truth all languages. We must recognize errors, and errors are corrected all of us will be able to understand this world, to resolve any issue, to eradicate the evil of a precept Bozhey. Oh, do not tell lies.
Only present what ideal society we can become what all of us contain can reach. To me, never to forget those dreams of the childhood that I play soccer. Soccer is not a game and not a religion. It's the whole the life which because of trauma can stop or because of age and shows that everything is temporary, longer than all the rest and always only the system wins. Our life so is in a shadow of these bright lives of cinema and sports that behind this light that is not visible who is in a shadow. There the whole world which should be lit with the view of honestly. Of a factor competitive at us is enough factor, us all should define the purpose. For example, the general association and rescue, and further everyone now and making any new decisions realize whether correctly you do and begin every one with yourself. You know to change the world, to help him to become better. We have to change first of all ourselves to become the best version of! Without rage, not to contents, grief. All these emotions are shown in our life repeatedly, and the more we feel them. The worse we do for ourselves and the world! How many bitterness, has got down, aggression in this word! Why do people want to be at war? For what?
It doesn't preserve the peace at all! So we only kill him! We kill ourselves. We kill the world! We
must change everything we must to fix our word! We need to make a new system. We must to make
realignment, one currency, and inclusive development and benefit around the world. This is what all our
generations in Ukraine spar for and the whole history of humanity in the struggle for it in essence.